Large Paintings

Large Paintings

Artistic action: exhibition and occupation of the Biosphere from October 1 to 14, 1989 with an installation of large paintings describing the origins of this architectural monument. The paintings are intentionally dark and dramatic to better emulate the immediate environment. All the paintings are made with acrylic on unmounted and unprimed canvas.


Occupation of the Biosphere


Photographs of paintings in situ

01_Ford Rotunda Dome, of which Fuller is the architect, built in 1953. Acrylic on canvas.

02_Ten-deck 4D House, a 10-story residential tower with protective shield invented in 1927. Never built. Acrylic on canvas.

03_First prototype of the Dymaxion house, invented in 1926, never built. Acrylic on canvas.

04_Dymaxion house, 1946 model, built in Kansas the same year. Acrylic on canvas.

05_The Pantheon in Rome, structure built in 126 AD. The oldest surviving domed structure. Acrylic on canvas.

06_Tensegrity mast, a huge compressible mast invented by Fuller and Kenneth Snelson in 1950. Acrylic on canvas.

07_Portrait of Fuller. Acrylic on canvas.

08_Installation of paintings outside the Biosphere the day after my eviction from the premises by the police.