Other Domes by Buckminster Fuller

Other Domes by Buckminster Fuller

In 1990, with a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, I traveled to North America to locate and photographically document Fuller’s other memorable structures. The goal is to take stock and rediscover the origins of the Montreal Biosphere.


ASM Dome

The American Society for Metals geodesic dome near Cleveland, Ohio. Built in 1959 with a diameter of 250 feet (76.2 m). Still today the headquarters of the ASM.


Union Dome

The Union Dome of the Graver Tank Division, located in Wood River, Illinois. Built in 1959, it was mainly used for the repair and maintenance of railway wagons. At the time one of the largest geodesic domes in the world with a diameter of 354 feet (107.8 m). Operational in 1990 but now closed, abandoned and probably to be demolished soon.


Climatron Dome

The Climatron dome in St. Louis, Missouri, built in 1960 with a diameter of 175 feet (53.3 m). It is the main pavilion of the St. Louis Botanical Garden.


Dymaxion House

The Dymaxion house or Wichita house, built in 1945–46 near Wichita, Kansas. A real “machine for living,” of modest size compared to the other domes, but, on the other hand, the constituent elements of the structure are freely borrowed from the aeronautical industry. See Dymaxion Dwelling Machine.



The Union Tank Car Company Dome built in 1958 with a diameter of 384 feet (117 m) and a height of 120 feet (36.5 m). Located near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For over thirty years, this geodesic dome has held the world record as the largest freestanding structure. The building was also used for railcar maintenance and repairs. Already abandoned in 1990, it was demolished in 2007.