The Dome Project

The Dome Project, Exploring a Remnant of the Modernist Era

Exhibition of Robert Duchesnay at the Galerie P.R.I.M. (Montreal) September 17 to October 8, 1986. Multimedia installation including found objects, large rubbings, photographs and the 1985 video interview with Shoji Sadao.

Advertisement published in the November 1986 (issue 44) of the fine art magazine Parachute.

Photographs of the exhibition


Photographs of the project

01_Eastern mechanical plenum (for ventilation) under the Fuller-Sadao dome perimeter. The concrete columns support the massive dome sphere.

02_Eastern mechanical plenum

03_Emergency exit for the eastern mechanical plenum

04_Large Fuller portrait, acrylic on canvas, installed in one of the burned-out offices

05_Burned-out office area

06_Steel housing with air intake control louvers

07_Air exhaust grill protecting the internal ventilation blades

08_Left over surplus geodesic hubs and struts used for repairs found in a storage room

09_Close up of a geodesic steel hub

10_Giant external turbine used for ventilation

11_Emergency exit for the eastern mechanical plenum

12_Wide-angle view of the interior revealing the major exhibition platforms and the escalator framework

13_Main entrance to the 200-seat movie theatre

14_Steel cables used to suspend the exhibition modules from the apex of the dome

15_Main exit door frames

16_Eastern stair tower

17_Main elevator circuit board on top of the northern stair tower

18_Mid-level Apollo Space Program exhibition platform

19_Attempting to climb the geodesic membrane

20_Walking on the top-level platform

21_Close up view of the geodesic membrane

22_Exterior view of the Montreal geodesic dome also named Biosphere